Are you a language teacher interested in online assessment of speech?

Language teachers across Europe feel the need to check how their evaluations of oral language skills compare with those of colleagues in other European countries. The web tools of WebCEF enhance online assessment of speech decisively.

Comenius course WebCEF. Bruges (Belgium), 6 - 12 March 2011

The Comenius course WebCEF will provide training in the use of a web based tool to evaluate and compare video samples of oral fluency. The teachers of foreign languages English, French and German are a special target group for this course. CIMO, the Finnish LLP agency, can allow grants to teachers in Finland for covering the costs of the course. The same concerns the other EU countries respectively. Teachers in Norway, Iceland and Turkey are also eligible due to their Comenius agreement with the EU.

Why is this course innovative?

Developing oral skills in foreign language teaching and learning in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) is a general trend in most European countries. The WebCEF project facilitates a
common implementation of the CEF, by providing a web-based environment through which teachers can jointly evaluate their students’ oral proficiency. The tool is developed by a Consortium of Universities and by the Open University of UK.

What do you learn?

Didactically participants will
- learn how to use the assessment tool in their own practice (school, institution).
- learn the basic principles of the CEF /update their knowledge of the CEF.
- learn about the intercultural differences related to the assessment of oral proficiency.
- share experiences and best practices as regards language teaching.
They will learn how to use the different features of the assessment tool of WebCEF, how to record samples, how to upload them on the assessment tool, how to define tasks, how to create groups, how to assess the sample.


Ana Beaven has been teaching English at the university of Bologna since 1992. She holds a degree (BAHons) in French and Italian, an RSA Diploma in TEFL and is preparing students for various examinations including PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, as well as IELTS. She is an expert in CEF and she has organised workshops in Italy on the use of WebCEF.
Hilde de Vaere has been a teacher of languages (English, Dutch, German) at a secondary school in Bruges for 28 years and has been in-service trainer for three years. She teaches IT-skills in language classes. She won a European Label for Innovative Language Learning (ELIT) with an international eJournal project. Both trainers have a lot of experience with the assessment tool.

What does it cost?

The course has been officially accepted by the national Comenius Agencies. That means that you have to apply to the NA of your country for a grant for the course. If you get the approval from the National Agency of your country, all the costs of the course will be covered by this National Agency.

Who can apply?

Maximum number : 30. Target group: all teachers of English, French and German who have basic computer skills.

What is the procedure to apply. Deadline application 15 September 2010
1. You have to pre-register for the course. On the website you will find the
information on how to pre-register. See: Practical information.
2. You will receive a mail from the organizers with the confirmation of the pre-registration
3. You will have to fill in an application form for this course and to send it to the National Agency. The forms are available on the website of the NA of your country.. The organizers will send you useful support for the application form


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